My mom found my stash of lingerie and lacy undies that I keep for special occasions. And she did a good job of hiding it or she may have thrown it away. Fuck her. Stay out of my life. I don’t say shit when you making stupid excuses to go “banking” at five in the evening. Who needs HOURS to go deposit money at the bank? Do I call your bullshit when you go out for “errands” and get angry when we ask what errand need to be done. Your anger and defensive behavior tells us you’re off to meet the fucker you’re having an affair with.

So don’t give me shit if I’m sexually active. Because this is the 21st century and I’m committing no crime. What you’re doing however us immoral and just plain wrong. I don’t give a fuck what my father is and what he’s done to you. You’re just as bad as him.

What makes you think by throwing my stuff away, you’ll stop me from doing whatever I want? I’m moving out. I’m free to fuck any guy I want. Before you judge me, look at yourself and the bastard you’re fucking. Your behavior makes me want to follow you in order to blackmail you. Then we’ll see who has the upper hand. Because you do this snooping crap, it makes me trust you less and want to push you out of my life more.

One more strike and I will fucking confront you and resort to blackmail. This is the second time you’ve interfered. Stay the fuck out of my life. You don’t want to see what I can do.