I did something adventurous on Thursday. I tried duck. And I liked it!

For the first time ever I ate meat beyond chicken and turkey. Because that’s all I’ve ever eaten and refuse to eat others. It was the way I was brought up. And when you grow up like that, you don’t have a desire to eat it when you’re older.

I honest to god hate meat eaters who go all nuts and think I’m missing out on life because I’ve never had a hamburger and was raised primarily vegetarian. It’s not a big deal. I would be dead if it wasn’t an option. I could always turn the tables and say the same shit. But I don’t and I respect people’s food choices. It’s fucking dumb. I’m happy with my food choices. So go fuck yourself.

Anyways, I was bold and I tried something new. And I was comfortable to try suck because it’s white meat and falls under the bird category. I’m not going to try red meat though. Because I respect my parents enough to fulfill this wish. They raised me this way due to their religious beliefs. I don’t believe in their things but still. And I’m not missing out. It’s a fucking cow. I don’t regret a single thing.

I won’t try seafood either. Because it smells horrible and just ugh. But I’m happy that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone food-wise and am willing to try something new. I can happily add duck to the list of meats I eat. It’s a small step to everyone else, but it’s a big one for me.