My unkempt hair and the dark circles under my eyes match exactly how I feel. But everything is back to normal. Mom’s back to do her shit and Heidi is gone (I do miss her, just not when she keeps barking at 6 am and doesn’t stop till I wake up as well as keeping me up all night. Little bugger, just because you can’t sleep at 3 am doesn’t mean I’m gonna play with you.)

I shall be getting my sleep tonight and perhaps start combing my hair again. Lmfao. I haven’t combed my hair since this year has started. I’m a mess. Tomorrow is an important day. I can FINALLY not be fucking broke and get a new debit card. I really ought to switch banks. It seriously sucks not having any cash due to banks being closed and my card cancelled for the weekend.

Afterwards….hmm, I don’t know what I shall do tomorrow. I prefer spontaneous plans. I missed out returning to the Grove with my camera. I hope the lights are still up. It was so fucking gorgeous and everything took my breath away.

You know, I am in the mood to shop. And so I think I’ll wander around to different places and buy me more stuff. I deserve it dammit.