But I’m keeping my stomach empty so I can feast at Katelyn’s today. However, I’m uncertain how my bitch of a mother is going to react when I have to leave. She was adamant she gets the car today and other crap. We didn’t talk about it much yesterday and now we aren’t speaking to each other. I don’t care. I’m leaving no matter what. Like where the fuck is she gonna go today? Everything is closed and everyone she knows are out celebrating thanksgiving with their own friends and family. She has no legit plans, so she doesn’t need the car.

But knowing her, she’s going to throw another fit. Obviously she needs the car for imaginary plans. I bet you she will go around calling up people to see who is free just to get the car back. What are you going to fucking do???

Only twenty and I’ve already got an obnoxious child forever throwing tantrums. When will I ever get a mom? Most likely never so I’m not holding my breath. My dad already knows I’m going and has no problems. That’s all that matters. If she’s so desperate to go out, she can take my dad’s car.

I’m going to have a good day and no one is going to ruin it. Happy thanksgiving.